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Lady shares chat with man who requested to fix his ears into her thighs as cure for his terminal disease

Twitter user identified by her handle as @shady_gift55 has shared a bizarre chat with a man who requested a very special treatment from her as the only cure to his terminal disease.

Man Thighs Terminal disease

The lady took to the micro-blogging platform to reveal the request made by this dude.

In the media chat, the man disclosed how he was diagnosed with a certain terminal disease, Cyroaudiovascularmalexia which required that he fixes his ears into the thighs of a pretty girl as the only solution.

Narrating his predicament, he wrote:

This may sound like I’m f**king with you, but I’m not. I was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease called Cyroaudiovascularmalexia. Google it if you want. Essentially I don’t get enough blood flow to my ears so they are slowly freezing, and they will soon fall off…, I need to warm my ears constantly to save my life and the only material soft enough is the inner thigh of a pretty girl…”

See the tweet below:

Man Thighs Terminal disease

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