Lady recounts her experience with helping men, shares how man she helped during hard times is now her husband

A Nigerian lady has narrated her experience with helping men, while also revealing her husband was once in difficult financial times.

Lady recounts experience helping men
Nigerian lady

According to the lady, who goes by the username @Girl_isBlessed on social media, she met her current husband back then, and everything was going well; until hard times struck and he lost everything he’s worked so hard for and went broke as a result.

She stated that despite the numerous advances she got from well doing men and suitors because she was beautiful, she decided to stay put with her man and render her help to him; and kept doing so until he miraculously bounced back and his finances improved.

She tweeted;

“I met one Mr A then, he was one of the most hardworking & honest guys I ever met. He was entrepreneur just like myself.

Along the way, he raised a capital for an investment & all hell broke loose. He lost everything, even his home & had to squat with his friend…

I saw it all, we were close enough for me to know, in-fact we were about 4months in the relationship,he had proposed & I accepted before shit happened.

I had a home, food & a business, he had none. Not even recharge card, plus numerous debts,

I ignored all. He never really asked for my help, may be he was ashamed to. I thought I was in love & that he was real & so I decided to go all in.

I started to send him money, as much as I could, feeding,recharge cards, transportation. Many well doing guys were on my case o”…

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