Lady recalls how she used her school fees to pay for Champagne after her date vanished

Lady recounts an unpleasant experience with a date who ran away, making her pay for the Champagne they ordered with her school fees.

The lady revealed that she had gone out with a man to a strip club where they had ordered a bottle of Champagne which cost N65K.

lady school fees champagne date

During the date, the guy had asked her to accompany him to his hostel, but she turned down the request.

She said that the date took an excuse to use the rest room only for him to vanish and not return.

The lady revealed that she had to use her school fees to pay for the drink.

Her words …

“Can’t forget the day this guy invited me to a strippers club, I got there he bought champagne N65,000 and after the whole thing he said we should go to his hotel which I refused, na so baba say he wan go piss na so e japa o and he never clear bills.

“I had to take from my school fees money to clear that bill. Charles I hope you see this and I just want to say your helper go leave you run💯.”

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