Lady proudly flaunts huge cash saved in her piggy bank during final year

A young Nigerian lady leaves many wishing they took saving culture seriously as she proudly displays the huge amount she saved in her piggy bank during her final year in school.

A TikTok user identified as @Lohrey took to the platform to break her savings box after a determined decision to save money in her last year at the university.

Lady unveils huge cash in her piggy bank during final year in school

After completing her final year of school, she unveiled the significant stack of crumpled Nigerian naira notes in her piggy bank.

While some individuals were impressed by her savings discipline, many others attempted to estimate the total amount she had accumulated in her bank in hopes of winning a 10,000 Naira reward.

“You finally broke your piggy bank and withdrew all the money you saved during final year in school,” she captioned the video.

Watch the video below …


Guess the actual amount the money is altogether and 10k is yours.🤭 #fyp #lohreyy #fypシ #xyzbca

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