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Lady narrates how she was sent out of an interview because of her medical condition

A Nigerian Lady has taken to her social media page to narrate the sad ordeal she encountered at a Lagos firm she went to for a job interview.

The lady revealed she was walked out of the venue because of her medical condition, Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder of the nervous system. It mainly affects how nerve cells form and grow.

Her post reads ;
“Hello my beautiful people Please I need you to help me post these because I must be heard. My name is Okhimhe Grace I am a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic Auchi from the department of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) With tears in my eyes i write this.

I went for an interview on 23 July at a consulting firm called Kennedia consulting @Kennedia_ng at 14b Kingsley Emu street Lekki, i was waiting along side with others for the interview to kick off.

While waiting the security man came to me, told me that he was asked to tell me to hand over my CV and leave the interview venue. I asked him if I have done something wrong ? I told him that am also here for the interview like others and why am I the only one asked to leave?

I did not have any quarrel or misunderstanding with anyone, I told him i want to speak to the person that told him to walk me out of the interview hall without me committing any offense for I was in my best behavior, he refused and said if i don’t’t want to drop my CV it’s my choice but i should leave.

I told him I perceive the reason I am being asked to leave but no problem. I handed over my CV to him, when I was about leaving, I heard a man asking the security guy if I dropped my CV, he nodded and said yes.. i told the security guy I know why you asked me to leave , then I left.

I tried has much as possible to control myself with tears coming down my eyes while walking out of the compound filled with people that also came for the interview.

I was humiliated and embarrassed On that day, I began to ask myself: What is the need of me going to school and graduating with a first class(distinction) when people out there discriminate and stigmatize people that are physical challenged?

I am not physical challenged but people think I am. I only have what is called NF(#Neurofibromatosis) Its a genetic disorder that causes tumor to grow on the skin. #NF is not contagious or communicable.

That you feel someone is physical challenged is not a enough reason to walk them out of an interview, things are not done that way.I am very bitter and frustrated by that day experience. Because I have NF that is not a reason to walk me out of the interview, that not fair”.

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