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Lady narrates how driver who gave her free lift sent her to buy roasted corn

Young lady narrates an encounter with a man who stopped to give her a free lift only to charge for the service by seeking her help to purchase roasted corn for him.

According to a Twitter user @winniewheeny who was happy to get a free lift regretted the offer after the driver requested assistance from her to purchase roasted corn for him.

“This man gave me a free ride and parked by the road, removed money and told me to go and buy roasted corn for him. Drop me pls,” she wrote.

Lady narrates how man who gave her free lift sent her to buy roasted corn

See some reactions that followed …

@Ezeonufo wrote;
A simple test, she failed. Soon she starts looking for a good and God-fearing man in a so-called pastor’s house. Most times, good men analyze someone to be brought home with a simple mannered test. Imagine have a poor moral of courtesy. If not for anything…

You want him to leave you inside the car to go and buy the corn? You wey ur face strong like this???

The guy gave you a ride …… Good. He asked you to help him but a roasted corn you refused……… Good too.

Coming to tweeter to tell us how you were badly brought up……. You just told us that you were not properly brought up….. My take ! One good turn deserve another

People can take risk o, what if you come run with the corn?

“Help” should be reciprocal not only “respect”….

Someone is helping you you can’t just drop and buy him corn, corn he will likely share with you. If you are just going to be there gisting, you are not better than the car radio.

So he gave u a free ride and u couldn’t go and help him buy corn? this doesn’t look good on your character sha

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