Lady narrates how 2 yahoo boys she sat with in a bus almost implicated her during a police stop

A Nigerian lady identified as @Atilolahafeezah on Twitter has recounted a harrowing experience where she narrowly escaped being implicated by internet fraudsters, commonly known as “yahoo boys,” during a police stop.

The incident occurred during a trip from Ibadan to Ilorin, as she found herself seated with two individuals engaged in fraudulent activities.

According to her narration on Twitter, the lady disclosed that during the journey, the police stopped the vehicle she was traveling in, and one of the yahoo boys seated next to her handed her his iPhone with an unusual request.

He allegedly asked her to falsely claim ownership of his bag if questioned by the officers. Confused and frightened by the idea, she expressed concern that the bag might contain incriminating items.

However, the fraudster assured her that the police would not inspect the bag. Despite her fear, she reluctantly agreed to the plan as she did not want to draw unnecessary attention.

Upon being questioned by the police, both the young lady and the other passenger denied any association with the bag in question. To their dismay, the security personnel insisted on inspecting the bag, suspecting there might be illicit items concealed within.

To their astonishment, the officers discovered an assortment of voodoo items inside the bag.

In her words;

Β I sat with 2 criminals (gbona gbona yahoo guys) from ibadan to ilorin. When the police stopped us, the one that sat beside me gave me his iPhone and said I should tell the police men his bag is mine I was like how nahh that what if they check the bag and they see something that can implicate me, he said they can’t check it I was sha scared πŸ˜‚.

Then they asked who the owner of the bag is I said not mine and the guy also denied I was like haa πŸ˜‚ Alakoba re o. So, they opened the bag and they met calabash, soap, clothes and some books.

The other guy didn’t carry any bag but the police was bent on him carrying something. So, one of them entered the car and searched where he seated, geh geh un πŸ˜‚ the man brought out a small plastic inside nylon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ i was like hafeezahhh so you sat with criminals 😭. The guy sha rushed to the man and begged him not to cast him to his colleagues.

If you are not contented as a lady, you are in trouble and they will use you. I’m sure they will release them and collect money from them. Ki olori sho ara oπŸ™β€οΈβ€

See below;

The day I almost landed in trouble" - Lady narrates how yahoo boys she sat with in a bus almost implicated her during a police stop


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