Lady left heartbroken as she gets job after relocating to UK, boss dies within 3 weeks

A Nigerian lady named Precious Ubani, who had recently relocated to the UK, experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as her promising job opportunity, under the care of her compassionate boss, turned into a tragic loss in just 3 weeks.

Precious Ubani’s story began when she made the life-changing decision to move from Nigeria to the UK, seeking better opportunities and a brighter future.

After three months of adjusting to her new environment, she was fortunate to secure a job, which she shared in a TikTok video that resonated with many viewers.

Precious recounted the details of her short-lived but impactful journey. She revealed that someone had informed her about a job opportunity, and after putting in her best efforts, she successfully landed a position in the field of elderly care.

Her role involved providing care and companionship to an elderly man who she grew close to during her brief time with him.

Tragically, the bond Precious had formed with the elderly gentleman was cut short due to a devastating incident.

The man, who was not ill at the time, met with an unforeseen and fatal accident while driving his car.

Precious, who was visibly shaken by the news, narrated how she received the heartbreaking information from the police.

She admitted to breaking down in tears upon learning of the accident, as the loss was not just of a job, but of a genuine human connection she had developed.

Netizens Reactions…

@Psalmz said: “My dear remain in the UK too…Canada is not Canadaing right now.” @iam_ijay said: “One of the realest UK talks I’ve seen.”

@QueenJovial said; “So sorry dear, same time I thank God he didn’t die at your watch. The story might be different.”

@UK_cakes and pastries commented; “I currently moved to the UK as well. I’m in Southampton and I need a Nigeria community.” 

@vicky’s_Affair said; “Three months is too early to give up. You will be fine.”

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