Lady jumps out of moving car as driver, police drag steering on high speed

A young Nigerian lady documents her tragic ordeal with a police officer who dragged the steering wheel with her cab driver for resisting arrest.

A social media user identified as @tempah_thealien took to the microblogging platform to share a video of his sister’s life and death situation.

Lady jumps out of moving car as driver, police drag steering

In the video, the police officer could be seen battling with the driver despite driving at a high speed on the highway.

The lady pleaded with the officer to release the driver to avoid collision with other vehicles but refused to heed the advice.

He could be heard stating that his superior gave him a strict order to arrest and take the vehicle to the police station, but the driver refused and attempted to run away with him in the car.

The lady eventually jumped out of the moving vehicle to save herself after crying out for help multiple times.

“Bro this is my sister, she kept begging this man to let the driver go at least, omo this man say ‘Oga’ is more important than all their lives combined, they dragged this thing for over 10 minutes on the highway and she had to JUMP out of that moving vehicle like wtf!” he captioned the video.

Watch the video below …

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