Lady in shock as man she asked for a date invites her to his wedding

A lady has taken to social media to share her bewildering encounter with a man she had been in the ‘talking stage’ with, only to discover he is about to get married.

The story unfolded when the lady @Kharrotie on Twitter met the man last Friday, initiating what seemed to be a promising connection as they exchanged calls and texts.

Excited to take their budding relationship to the next level, she proposed a date for the upcoming weekend, eager to spend quality time together.

However, the situation took a shocking twist when the man, instead of confirming the date, sent @Kharrotie his wedding invitation, revealing that the ceremony was scheduled for the very same weekend they were supposed to meet.

To add to the incredulity of the situation, the man casually asked if they could reschedule their date to another day, citing his impending wedding as the reason for his unavailability.

The post reads;

“Met this guy on Friday, we’ve been talking and calling each other, so i suggested that we go on a date this coming weekend, he sent me his wedding invitation that happens to be this weekend too and asked that we reschedule another date, because he won’t be able to make it.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Ahhhh11111r said; “Just go to the wedding and when the pastor say “those who don’t want the wedding to continue should say it” then u stand up and show them screenshots”

@Stefan_Mutinda said; “Don’t let a small small wedding come between you and the love of your life. Go to the wedding and take notes on how you can make his wedding with you better than that one. 😂”

@Sphoza_01 said; “Please hle go to the wedding, please I’m begging you, sit where he can see you, leave immediately after the matrimonial service😭😭😭

@temmytopee_ said; “How can he be so relaxed and refer to it casually like he is hanging out with his guys. His wedding ooo.”

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Lady in shock as man she asked for a date invites her to his wedding

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