Lady goes berserk, lambasts mum after she took her Nike Sneakers without her permission

A lady seething with rage has taken to social media to call out her mother after she took her Nike sneakers without her permission.

From the message she sent her mum on WhatsApp, it appears she’s fed up with being treated unfairly at home as her family members keep taking her stuffs without her permission.

According to her, when they do take her things they never take care of her them.

Read her text below;

“Why would you do that to me
I’m beyond upset.
You never ask for permission. What makes you think I don’t wear them.
Why did you think they are fit to be taken and worn by you?

I really hate the level of privacy I’m given in that house. If it’s not you it’s baba, if not him Zamo. ALWAYS

Worse you have little care for my things when you take them. That’s how you don’t respect me.

Your apology means nothing to me cause your behaviour is consistent. You dont know how sick this makes me mentally. A reminder why | hate living at home when the conditions are already against me. You can keep those shoes. They are yours.”

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