Lady getting married in two weeks seeks advice over fiancée’s obsession with a twerking waist bead vendor

Young lady whose marriage is due in two weeks seeks advice on her fiancee who is obsessed with a twerking waist bead vendor.

According to the embattled lady, her man once introduced the lady as his friend until she saw twerking videos of the vendor on her fiancee’s laptop.

As if that was not enough, the fiancee responds to the twerking videos with so much gratification that he once advised his wife-to-be to start wearing waist beads too.

Read the full narration below …

“I am an ardent follower I opened this user just for this . I have an issue I will like the men especially to give me their take on it.

I am getting married in 2 weeks,) dated my husband for about 3 years . There was the girl he once introduced me to, he told me she is his friend and told me she makes waist beads that he wants her to make waist beads for me incidentally I went through his laptop and I noticed that this girl sends twerking videos to him when she is clothed and not clothed with waist beads.

After she sends it he sends her endearing words like ‘i love you, thank you for sending these thank you for coming into my life blablabla.’

My questions are: should I learn to twerk with waist beads should I confront him. Do you think he means all the love words he sends to the girl

P.S.from their conversation I could not decipher if they have had sex, my fiancee lives in the East and she lives in the West.

Please Ma I will be at the comment section thank you.”

Lady getting married in two weeks seeks advice over fiancée's obsession with twerking waist bead vendor

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