Lady furious as she faults husband after bashing her car

A Nigerian lady has elicited reactions online after blaming her husband for buying her a big car which she carelessly bashed.

The man was shocked to see the damage the car had incurred, according to a video posted on the couple’s TikTok, @dlulusfamily. He was upset to find out that there was expensive damage when he arrived at the scene.

Lady furious as she faults husband after bashing her car

He mentioned that after his wife had crashed the car in their estate on her way back from the market, she had called him to take over the driving.

The couple’s discussion revealed that his wife accused him of being the reason since he bought her a big car. She mentioned that to manage space, she would rather drive a smaller car.

The husband queried on the caption if a Lexus ES350 is now a truck. The car in the video had multiple dents and serious damage to the side mirror, requiring a new body panel and paint job.

The caption on the video reads: “Abeg Lexus ES350 na truck? My wife called me on the phone to come complete the driving back home after bashing the car in the estate while coming back from the market.”

Several netizens reacted to her comment, with some criticizing her for blackmailing her husband.