Lady explains how good she feels just after her rapist got a jail term; stirs heartbreaking reactions

A young lady identifed with the Twitter handle @WhitneyCorena has admitted to finally feeling free for the first time in a long time after her rapist got sentenced to jail.

Her story triggered several heartbreaking stories from netizens who shared their tragic experiences with rapists.

On her Twitter handle, she wrote: “My rapist got sentenced today… I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling exactly, but for the first time in a long time I finally feel free.”

Reacting, @Matihari2 wrote: “The key to your emotional healing is to forgive the person who wronged you. I know is easier said than done. Let God help you to forgive this person for your sake not for anyone else.”

@Ezenna Onyl: “Likewise me, I’ve still not been able to tell. Thing is I was barely 7yrs old, I doubt if I can still remember his face though I know his name.. as for the one that happened wen I was 13yrs, I know him very well.”

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