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Lady narrowly escapes being kidnapped in Benin

A lady has narrated how her friend narrowly escaped being kidnapped after boarding a taxi in Benin, Edo state.

According to the lady who shared the story, the alleged kidnapper brought out a gun to scare her, but she was smart enough to put her head out of the window and scream for help.

The narrator wrote,

“A friend of mine was almost kidnapped yesterday when she was coming back from where she went to supply bedsheets.

On her way back, she called her cab guy who told her he’s far from where she was. She couldn’t wait for him so she entered a taxi that had only two male passengers.

She said few minutes later, the guys got down from the taxi. Then she noticed that the taxi driver refused to pick other passengers.

He then locked the car from his end. So she decided to put her hand outside the passenger window to signal people and the driver told her that he wants to wind up the window.

She refused and he brought out a gun. It was at that moment she brought out her head and started screaming for help”.

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