Lady earning N360K sacked for not meeting monthly target of N300M

A Nigerian marketing expert earning a salary of N360K reportedly loses her job for failing to meet her monthly minimum target of N300M in Lagos.

A social media user identified as @Aguofapapa took to the microblogging platform X to lament the situation of his friend.

According to the user, his friend was sacked from her job over an unrealistic monthly target her company set despite the country’s current economic conditions.

The lady was said to have been sent packing over unsatisfactory returns she made which failed to meet the required N300M.

“A friend of mine just lost her marketing job. Her target was N300M inflow monthly while paid 360k. We are really unserious and unreasonable in this country and take advantage of each other. Because of 360k you are telling me to go look for N300M monthly in this economy where I wan see am? Infact while will I be working for you if I can raise N300M monthly 😂,” he wrote.

Lady earning N360K sacked for not meeting monthly target of N300M in Lagos

Reactions as lady earning N360K sacked for not meeting N300M monthly target

TheFarm_er said: “While I was with one of the banks, my target was 1.3billion sitting balance (retention). Not inflow and my salary was below 200k. At first it was looking like mission impossible until I discovered a hack. Sorry she lost her job, hope she gets a better offer sooner l.”

Paulechidi stated: “Anything marketing i don’t even bother myself, na slavery.”

Ishow_leck penned: “Bunch of unserious brands setting unrealistic goals for their staff just to frustrate their efforts. Companies are doing too much for the kind of pay you’re giving them.”

UbongabasiAwa added: “There are companies that will task staffs outside of marketing or sales and place targets on them, so as you are writing codes you are trying to meet your targets. I know because I have worked for one of them, I had to run!” 

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