Lady driving from London to Lagos reveals daily fuel cost, reaches Morocco

A Nigerian lady solo-driving from London, UK to Nigeria, Pelumi Nubi reveals the whooping amount she spends on fuel daily on her trip.

The brave Nigerian woman who embarked on a car journey from London about a week ago shared her daily expenses for fueling her car.

pelumi nubi

In a recent TikTok video she shared, Pelumi Nubi purchased fuel worth 47 Euros, equivalent to about N74,000. However, she mentioned that she typically spends around 50 Euros daily (approximately N79,000) to fuel the car.

Pelumi’s journey is anticipated to take her through 15 countries before reaching Nigeria. She is currently in Morocco and is getting closer to Nigeria as intended.

Sharing her arrival in Morocco, Pelumi emphasized how her trip is rounding up despite still having quite a journey ahead to reach Nigeria.

Watch the video below …


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