A lady took to her Twitter page to call out her ex-boyfriend and his new babe who he introduced to her as a friend while they were in a relationship.

It all started when her ex-boyfriend flaunted the pictures of his girlfriend on Twitter as he revealed he built a smart mirror for her to display words of affirmation to her daily and also, scriptures from the Bible.

Reacting to the photos that went viral on social media, @LindaLove has called out her supposed ex-boyfriend as she accuses him of introducing his new baba as “just a friend” while they were in a relationship.

Unfortunately, a month after they broke up, he quickly moved on and started a new relationship with her.

She tweeted;

How on earth do u get out of a nearly 2 year relationship and get with the girl you introduced your girlfriend to and became friends with?

And make her your girlfriend a month after the break up? This is on top of all the other shit this guy did to me.”


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