Lady cries out as husband inspects her private parts every day she returns from work

A married lady has taken to social media to share the humiliating and invasive treatment she endures at the hands of her husband, all in the name of trust.

The anonymous woman, seeking advice and support, posted on Facebook about the humiliating ordeal she faces every day when she returns home from work.

The distraught lady detailed how her husband’s distrust leads him to inspect her private parts daily, allegedly to ascertain whether she has engaged in extramarital affairs during her time away from home.

Expressing her exhaustion and despair, she wrote;

“My husband checks me every day when I come back from work to see if a man has entered there. I’m tired. What should I do?”

The post quickly garnered significant attention, with countless social media users expressing their shock, disappointment, and anger at the husband’s actions.

Netizens Reactions…

aruna said; “Very importanta! Even checking twice a day, ohun aba fisile lewure gbe.”

Rasaq Bakare said; “sogun laye ni.”

Olayemi Adebayo said; “Run oooooo

If not. be ready to carry magun inside ur body soon.because there is no trust in there.”

Babatunde Ayoade Jolaoso said; “That’s stupidity of the highest order.”

Subair Bukky M Agboola said; “Let him keep checking until he gets employed.”

Adeola Aiyeyemi Adegbenga said; “Obsession kills…The day stress go wet yah kpekus he feh carry cutlass begin matchet you say make you confess wetin you nor do.”

Ogundowole Bayo said; “He’s the owner nah, give him free hand to operate in any area.”

Amuda Abiodun asked; “The man no dey go work?.

Babatunde Akinola said; “I call it madness for both of them.”

Ogunsola Jhornzine ljadu said; “Life is doing your husband.”

Adufe Olusola said; “Pray for him to get better work.”

Gbolahan Ekisola said; “He better measure the width and depth everyday.”

Moses Oriyomi said; “Really! That is so serious o.”

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Lady cries out as husband inspects her private parts every day she returns from work

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