Lady causes buzz online as she markets ‘Ogiri’ locust beans with queen’s English in Lagos

Lady enchanting advertising skills for Ogiri stun Lagos residents

A Nigerian lady has caused a buzz online by impressing onlookers with her captivating use of Queen’s English and advertising skills for Ogiri (locust bean) in Lagos.

Her unique approach, using an alluring accent and engaging presentation, has left people mesmerized and intrigued.

Lady enchanting advertising skills for Ogiri stun Lagos residents

The scene was captured in a video posted by Adekoya Abolore, which has since gone viral on social media platforms, particularly TikTok.

In the video, the hawker stands at her spot, expertly luring in potential buyers with her engaging speech and charismatic demeanor.

What stands out most is the enchanting accent she uses while marketing the traditional African condiment.

Her voice dances in a sing-song manner, reminiscent of someone who has lived abroad, leading observers to dub it the “Oyinbo land accent.”

This unexpected twist to her sales pitch has made her a sensation on social media.

Adding another layer to her marketing prowess, the hawker took an innovative approach by using Ogiri to sing a song, as if she were teaching nursery school children.

Her engaging melody and expressive manner further endeared her to the audience, prompting some to speculate that she may have worked as a teacher in the past.

The video has garnered widespread attention, with numerous TikTok users expressing their admiration and awe for her extraordinary speaking and presentation skills in the comment section.

Netizens Reactions…

@ujunwa udeji said; “This Ogiri go Harvard oh.”

@Fortune Real Estate said; “Can we help this woman collectively? The English is good, and the product is natural.”

@Blessing reacted; “When a professor graduates without a job and decides to sell Ogiri, what do you expect? 

@aunty TikTok said; “For my mind na me day speak English like this without mistake.”

@Lymajoh commented; “I think she was a teacher before.”

@RAJ said: “See wetin naija unemployment turn primary school teacher to, when most of the govt schools are lacking trained teachers.”

@Zubairu Binta zulaihat said; “Omo the accent sweet!”

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