Lady bursts into tears as plane fails to land, circles air for 2 hours

In a terrifying experience that left her shaken and in tears, a lady’s flight turned into a nightmare when the plane she was on failed to land as scheduled, instead circling the airport for two hours.

The lady revealed that she had boarded a flight and when their plane was meant to land at the airport, there was a little issue that kept them on air longer than scheduled.

Lady plane land tears

In the video that was shared by the lady online, she could be seen shedding tears in fright.

Other passengers were heard in the background firing intense prayers of safety.

She captioned …

“POV: The flight you boarded couldn’t land, stayed on air for two hours.”

Check out reactions …

@Kokobby ❤️😘 said: “U enter bus whala u enter plane whala 😂”

@Mama💍😇😩🤭❤ wrote: “After I experienced turbulence, fear enter my body😭,I don’t want to enter again for life😑,I prefer road abeg 😒”

@M E R C Y 🫦 remarked: “I’ll never forget similar journey from Lagos to Benin last year. I agreed i was ready to die, I gave my life to Christ again on that plane, I’ll forever get scared of flights.”

@Fay said: “Crying and still maintaining steeze 😭😂”

@serena19998 observed: “did I just hear power of deliverance 😂🤣🤣this is serious mbok🤣”

Watch video below …


I was scared to my bone marrow,thought this was going to be my last video.Thank God we finally landed🤦‍♀️ #tundeednut🎤🎤🙆‍♀️ #fyp #viral

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