Lady burst into tears as ‘talking stage’ partner refuses to let her leave after spending his money

A lady is in tears as she recounts how her ‘talking stage‘ partner refused to let her leave his house after visiting and spending his money.

The lady was captured in a WhatsApp audio chat with her friend as she recounted what transpired in the guy’s house.

lady talking stage leave spending money

She revealed to her friend that she had visited the man with whom she was on the talking stage with.

However, after spending his money, the man refused to allow her out of the house.

In the audio message she sent to her friend, she could be heard lamenting that the guy doesn’t want to let her leave, and has locked up all the doors.

The lady who shared the video captioned …

“My friend went to meet talking stage after eating his money, na once they lock my friend for inside room.’

Check out reactions that followed …

oro.____ commented: “I don’t know. But spending money on someone or giving someone money doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sleep with them.”

wisdom_nan said: “In a sane country, the guy will be arrested.”

precious.002 penned: “Locking her up against her will is not right. If this is true, he’s wrong but as a lady, why collect gifts or money from someone you have no interest in? I’m sure the guy made his interest known from the onset but trust my genders to try playing smart. Some will collect transportation fare from these guys and intentionally not go and won’t return the money. That’s a classless and theft behavior. You don’t have interest in him, politely decline. Why are you even at his house? Please ladies, we can do better!”

ericinjoh3458 said: “If I was a woman I won’t take a penny from a guy if I didn’t like him 😢😢😢 funny enough her friend might not even know the address of d place she went to”

Watch video below …

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