Lady breaks down in tears, seeks advice after making terrible macaroni for family

A young Nigerian lady breaks down in tears after being challenged to make macaroni for her family of five, only to end up with a pot of disappointment.

A TikTok user identified as @vee.edwin took to the platform to showcase the macaroni she made, which appeared overly soft and unappetizing.

Lady breaks down in tears, seeks advice after making terrible macaroni for family

Vee explained that she had initially informed her family members about her expertise at making the meal only for herself but not in a large quantity but they insisted.

Sadly, after cooking, the macaroni came out disappointing like harmattan in July and didn’t meet expectations, leading her to tear up while seeking assistance on TikTok.

With tears rolling down her eyes, she stated, “Please you people should help me. I just cooked macaroni for everybody. I told them I don’t know how to cook macaroni, I only know how to cook macaroni for myself but they said I must cook for everybody.

“So we are five. Guys this is the macaroni. I don’t know what happened. Please is there any advice you people can give me? I don’t know how I am going to serve this to anybody. Please I don’t know if you people can help me.”

Reactions trailing lady who made terrible macaroni for her family

babysavage697 reacted: “Just use it and do macaroni smoothie then go and buy bread. Make Una use am hold body.”

still_favour said: “Use buchymix to blend it. Be creative. Tell them that’s how you like your macaroni.”

lora61446 reacted: “I nor know if na only me hear wetin she talk say na only macaroni for herself she sabi cook.”

favourod7 added: “Don’t cry my dear. This is baked macaroni. Get a pan and put it in the oven. It may be one of them birthday. Cheer up my dear.”

sicosamuel commented: “You just have to make small soup for the family as you can see the macaroni is now garri.”

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please what should I do? I urgently need help😭 #fypシ゚viral

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