Lady blocks closest friend for secretly relocating to UK, keeping secret for 6 months

A young Nigerian lady expresses hurt as she recounts how her friend relocated to the UK in 2022 without telling her, despite frequent communication.

A social media user identified as @Bumbabilii on the microblogging platform X narrated how she felt betrayed by the secrecy.

According to her, they were very close since their university days and she made efforts ever since to maintain their communication.

Unfortunately, her trust was broken when she found out her friend had relocated to the UK secretly and withheld the information until six months after.

In her words;

“My closest friend from Uni left Nigeria to the UK sometime in 2022. I had been calling her weekly till sometime in March and she told me she had been in the UK since 6 months prior. I just blocked her everywhere.

“Fast forward to today, she reached out on Instagram and wished me a happy birthday. I didn’t even open the message and I deleted her friend request. People I call friends have relocated.

“I think Ibrahim and Nneka’s relocation hurt me the most but I was aware of these two Somehow I can’t let go of how hurt Stephanie made me feel. Anyone who knows me know I’m not one to hold grudges but this one hurt me to the bone marrow.

“I don’t know how I can forgive her leaving Nigeria 6 months before and not telling me until I made a joke about it.”

Lady blocks closest friend for secretly relocating to UK since 2022