Entertainment News “I hope you’re supporting women in real time” – Kim Oprah reacts...

“I hope you’re supporting women in real time” – Kim Oprah reacts to women’s black and white challenge


Model and former big brother Naija housemate, Kim Oprah has reacted to the viral “women supporting women black and white challenge“, on Instagram.

Kim Oprah black and white challenge

The challenge sees women nominate other women to post a black and white photo themselves while pledging to support each other.

When Kim Oprah was nominated, she didn’t share a black and white photo, instead she reacted by sharing someone else’s post on the subject.

The post she shared questions whether the women who are engaging in the challenge are actually supporting each other in real time, off social media, and not just doing it for the gram.

She shared the post and wrote; “I’m happy someone else said this because I wasn’t sure on how to express it without coming off rudely…. I Truly hope we all are genuine in our intentions and are happy for each other’s successes..

Thank you all for the tags I really appreciate and wish you all the same 🙏🏽.


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