Kiekie calls for spiritual renewal over terrifying balcony encounter (Video)

In a startling turn of events, popular skit maker KieKie found herself in a distressing situation when she came face-to-face with a naked man on a balcony.

The incident, which recently unfolded, has left many questioning the motives and circumstances surrounding the encounter.

"E ku ewu Omo jojolo stark naked?"- Kiekie calls for spiritual renewal after seeing what she isn’t supposed to see (Video)
Kiekie calls for spiritual renewal after seeing what she isn’t supposed to see. Photo Credit: kiekie Source: Instagram

KieKie, known for her comedic skits and entertaining content, shared her harrowing experience with her audience.

According to her, her sister had asked her to investigate a potential sighting of an individual in a state of undress on the balcony.

Prompted by concern, KieKie proceeded to the location, only to discover a man standing completely naked.

Overwhelmed by fear, KieKie immediately felt the weight of the situation.

Despite the man’s back being turned towards her, she could still observe his exposed genitals.

The unexpected encounter left her shaken and vulnerable.

The incident has raised numerous questions, both from KieKie’s followers and the wider public.

The motives behind the man’s presence on the balcony, partially clothed and in an inappropriate state, remain uncertain.


One user @gifteduju wrote;

You for show us pictures or videos na bad thing Dey hungry me”

Another user @de_viva_naturalhair added;

“Kie kie is always seeing what her eyes shouldn’t see”

@official_faithadama wrote;

Kie Kie you couldn’t even close your eye, you had to analyze it so you will gist us”

@bairnsandbabies added;

Why you sef no close your eyes?” said;

“I don’t know why I love this girl o she just has this like-able vibe

@jennyadams101 write;

“You look abi you no look you like what you see”

@oori_ade wrote;

We need evidence” added;

Was the cucumber 7.5inches or 9 inches?”

See below;


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