Kids pen handwritten letter, sack father’s driver over reckless driving

A man’s kids gang up to write a handwritten sack letter to their family driver over his fast and reckless driving without the awareness of their father.

Posting pictures of the letter, their uncle expressed amusement at the kids’ audacity in firing their dad’s driver, Mr. Solomon.

The letter, written by the kids, politely informed Mr. Solomon that they had no choice but to end his services.

They acknowledged their fear of his driving, describing it as too fast and crazy, which made them feel scared. The letter concluded by stating that Mr. Solomon’s services would end on the 25th of April, bidding him farewell.

The letter reads;

“Dear Mr. Solomon I’m so sorry that my father is going to sack you, but we have no choice but to sack you, no hard feelings right. I s just that you drive too fast and crazy and I and my siblings are scared of your driving. So from the 25th of April you’re fired. Sorry bye-bye.”

Kids pen handwritten letter, fires their father's driver over reckless driving

The kids’ bold approach to dismissing the driver has sparked humorous comments on social media.

Reactions as kids pen handwritten sack letter to father’s driver

ashabifash said: “Bye Mr. Solomon! If children can be so aware and scared of your driving then you need to go! ❌.”

comradejerrbernard wrote: “At their age, they can write so well with good grammar. When I was their age, I couldn’t can.”

_siyosgram stated: “They’re right abeg. They’re not comfortable with his driving. He should do better next time😍😂”

kinghashthattag noted: “That last “Bye-Bye” means Mr Solo doesn’t have any right to appeal the decision! Drop key dey go! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Lion_Heart_OT penned: “Solomon’s job is finished in that house, except he’s able to plead with those kids and convince them. Baba has watched too much of Jason Statham’s Transporter and Vin Diesel’s FAF 😂🤣.”

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