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Kate Henshaw remorseful after bashing a woman’s car in Lekki



Popular Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has taken to Twitter to narrate the awful thing she did to a woman who tried to help her.

According to her, she was at Lekki roundabout and the kind woman created space for her to move her car. There wasn’t enough space to manoeuvre and she ended up bashing the woman’s car.

The kind woman however got upset but didn’t react, rather she drove off saying, ‘Kate Henshaw you bashed my car’.

Feeling remorseful, Kate tweeted about the incident, wishing she can just turn back the hands of time to apologise properly to the lady and make amends.

Her story goes;

A lady gave me room on the road this afternoon by Lekki one r/about. There wasn’t enough room to manoeuvre and I ended up scrapping her car… she was a bit upset but she just drove off. I feel terrible. Wish I could apologise properly and make amends..??”