Kano House of Assembly revokes law establishing 5 Emirates, reinstalls Sanusi as Emir

The Kano State House of Assembly has nullified the Kano Emirates Council Law 2019 that created the Bichi, Gaya, Karaye, and Rano Emirates within the former Kano Emirate.

The latest Kano Emirate Councils Law not only restored the five demoted kingmakers to their previous roles but also authorized them to gather in Kano and reinstate former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Muhammadu Sanusi, as the only Emir of Kano.

Kano House of Assembly revoke law establishing 5 Emirates, reinstall Sanusi as Emir
Emir Sanusi

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that the lawmakers repealed the Emirates Law at a special plenary presided over by the Speaker, Jibril Falgore, on Thursday.

Falgore invoked Order seven Rule 3 (A) of the House and directed the Clerk of the House, Alhaji Bashir Diso, to carry out the third reading of the bill to repeal the Law.

The law stated that “the Governor shall take all necessary measures to restore the status of the Kano Emirate System to its positions prior to the enactment of the repealed Principal Law dated 5th December, 2019”, thereby giving powers to the State Government to reappoint Sanusi as the Emir of Kano

The law added that “the traditional office holders and title holders elevated or appointed to office created under the repealed Principal Law, dated 5th December, 2019, shall revert to their position where such positions previously existed under recognized custom and traditions prior to the enactment of the repealed Principal Law dated 5th December, 2019”.

This provision reappoints the demoted five kingmakers and empowers them to choose the new Emir who will now be endorsed by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.

It added that the commissioner responsible for Local Government shall oversee all transitional arrangements including how best to deal with assets and liabilities of the abolished emirates and new structure created under the repealed Principal Law dated 5th December, 2019.

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