Kanayo calls out teen actress Angel Unigwe and her mother over contract breach

Veteran movie actor, Kanayo O Kanayo calls out teen actress Angel Unigwe and her mother for allegedly breaching a contract.

The movie star revealed that Angel Unigwe’s mother is in the habit of breaching agreements with movie producers after receiving payment, and he hadn’t experienced this until it happened to him recently.

kanayo angel unigwe mother
Actor, Kanayo O Kanayo. Photo source: Instagram.

He revealed that he had had an agreement with Angel’s mother for the teen actress to be part of a movie shoot till 12 am.

However, at about 9 pm, Angel’s mother came to the set and took her daughter away, breaching their contract.

Kanayo noted that this isn’t the first time she is doing something like this.

kanayo angel unigwe mother
Angel Unigwe. Photo source: Instagram.

He called on all producers to desist from working with Angel Unigwe from today, 21st of June, 2024.

The actor warned that any set that goes against this to shoot a movie with the young actress, he would come and ensure that filming doesn’t hold.

He stressed that there was no issue that had occurred between him and the actress, but the mother had been the problem, threatening many producers.

Read some comments from netizens below:

@Elchukkie said: “Disrupt people’s set as what?? Oga take her to court if you have any problems with her 🙄”

@scientistelochi said: “The problem with Nigerians is just that they feel its just that one person that can do the job, why not try someone else must it be this girl? Our mumu too much for Nigeria”

@valencia_cute5 said: “Well, in my own judgement, like they say, I don’t hear from one person or one side of the story to make a judgement. However, Angel Unigwe should publicly debunk this alleged accusation against her if not true. At the same time, be aware that breach of agreement is unlawful!”

@VentyAloho27301 said: “This madam Unigwe get mind sha🤣🤣 she no the fear oo”

@Mia47522749 said: “Why will he come out to blacklist dis girl, y not call her and her mother out.. some pipo always feeling as if they are God”

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