Ka3na exposed after flaunting custom private jet online

Reality star and self-proclaimed billionaire, Ka3na gets dragged as she’s exposed by cyber netizens for allegedly flaunting photoshopped custom private jet.

The media personality took to her social media page to share photos of her car and a private jet.

Ka3na private jet custom exposed

The stunning ride had her name customized on the plate number.

Similarly, the private jet had her name boldly written on it.

However, some netizens dugout photos allegedly considered to be the original of the private jet.

It is assumed by netizens that she had simply photoshopped her name on the private jet to give the impression that it belongs to her.

Check out reactions below …

@Big_Rossie said: “So she was deceiving us.

Believe what you see on social media at your own risk o”

@da_flimzy said: “Dunno how y’all are easily deceived on this Obasanjo’s internet cos how on earth una go believe say that babe get private jet or una think say sa BBL dem dey use buy am 🙂‍↔️”

@jaiyejejeomo asked: “So should we call this fake life or it’s still part of affirmation thing ladies do??🤔🤔”

@shile_matrix said: “I said it earlier, id you believe anything online the joke is on you 🤣😂”

@Xandyy_jay commented: “But she can afford it.
Anyone can afford anything based on mindset.
In my mind, I have 3 pj’s too.
So it’s normal to dream”

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