Justin Dean accuses Korra Obidi of having affair while pregnant, leaks chat

Media personality, Justin Dean recounts how he found out that his ex-wife Korra Obidi was allegedly having an affair while she was 5 months pregnant with their daughter, as he leaks a chat with one of her alleged lovers.

The American Chiropractor took to social media to make the allegations in a video that was shared on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

korra obidi justin dean affair pregnant
Justin Dean.

According to him, Korra Obidi had told him that she was going back to Nigeria for a wedding at the time when she was still pregnant.

However, he never knew that she was busy supposedly sleeping around with men, while still married to him.

korra obidi justin dean affair pregnant
Korra Obidi.

He stated that a chat with one of her alleged lovers was leaked to him by someone, a chat of her after she allegedly slept with a woman’s fiancé.

The chat showed a suggestive chat between Korra and another man, whose name wasn’t revealed.

Justin Dean emphasized that his ex-wife had been sleeping around while she was pregnant with their daughter Athena.

Reactions as Justin Dean accuses Korra Obidi of having an affair while pregnant …

@klavaman1 said: “lol men do this to themselves tho we see this things you cannot tell me you see Lora as someone you can wife na

@Tuneskman remarked: “Some men sleep with pregnant women? 😮”

@Da_codemaniac penned: “He brought it upon himself. How did he think someone like that won’t be promiscuous?? Lmao.”

@EObaniyi said: “You need to see how Nigerians cancelled this guy then.”

@PopJohnpaul1 wrote: “It’s sad how women always wear the victim cloaks and men have to be explaining their pains for people to actually understand what we are passing through!”

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