Junior Pope: AGN president, Emeka Rollas vows legal action against Adanma Luke production

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas has revealed plans to take legal action against the Association of Movie Producers (AGM) and Adanma Luke’s production over Junior Pope‘s passing.

In a recent interview on Arise News, TV anchor Rufai Oseni outrightly questioned Emeka Rollas about when he intends to sue the movie productions over the boat mishap that claimed the lives of Junior Pope and other crew members.

Emeka Rollas
Emeka Rollas

The famous TV anchor stated that he had heard a lot of rumors about the negligence involved regarding the life jacket and going to court will prevent it from happening again.

Emeka Rollas retorted that since the issue is actionable, the association’s attorneys are already working on the required paperwork.

He promised that the AGM and Adanma Luke‘s production would undoubtedly be sued, adding that he is awaiting the report of a small committee that was formed to provide an account of all that transpired on the day of the tragedy.


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