Junior Pope: AGM president makes case for Adanma Luke

The President of the Association of Movie Producers, Blessing Ebigieson defends Nollywood actress, Adanma Luke over the boating accident that claimed the lives of Junior Pope and other crew members.

During an interview on Arise News, the association’s president stated that she speaks to her movie producers on any matter before concluding since she wasn’t present on the day of the tragedy.

Adanma Luke
Adanma Luke

She asserted that she contacted the movie producer, Adanma Luke after the incident and she reported that she wasn’t present when the tragedy struck.

However, in her absence, a production manager was placed in charge and he reported that, although they had given late actor Junior Pope a life jacket, he claimed it was dirty.

As a big celebrity like Junior Pope, what he ought to have done in her opinion, was to ask for the life jacket to be washed or request a new one and insist on going nowhere until his demands are met.

Blessing Ebigieson came under heavy backlash in the comment section for her statement.


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