Julian Nagelsmann addresses potential Bayern Munich return

Following Thomas Tuchel’s impending departure, attention has turned to Julian Nagelsmann as a potential candidate.

Speaking at the national coaches’ European Championship workshop, Nagelsmann addressed the rumours about a possible return to Bavaria.

“I don’t have a written offer, and there have been no talks. I’m still in the phase where I’m thinking about what’s next from a professional perspective.

“I think it’s normal to take everything into account and discuss everything. Then there will be a decision at some point; I don’t have a fixed date yet.”

Julian Nagelsmann addresses potential Bayern Munich return
Julian Nagelsmann – Getty image

Despite his success with the German national team, Nagelsmann remains open to considering all options for his future.

With Bayern Munich exploring alternative options, including Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi, Nagelsmann’s status remains uncertain.

But given his track record and potential availability, Bayern could still consider him as a candidate to lead the club once again.

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