Judy Austin under fire over advice about fighting for true love

Controversial actress, Judy Austin has incurred the wrath of netizens as she writes advice to Nigerians about fighting for their true love.

The movie star who recently celebrated the first birthday of her second son with Yul Edochie, took to her Instagram page to dole out advice about relationships.

judy austin fight love
Judy Austin.

She expressed that being in love and having someone love you in return is one of the best feelings in the world.

According to her, people shouldn’t live for anybody but themselves and when they find love, they should protect it, cherish and fight for it.

She wrote:

“Regardless of how much most people downgrade having a loving spouse in your life,
Nothing is more precious than being in Love and being Loved in return.
It’s the best feeling in the world.

Live your life to the fullest!!!
Don’t live for anybody but yourself.
True Love is hard to come by and if you’re lucky enough to find it, PROTECT IT, CHERISH IT, FIGHT FOR IT, NOURISH IT, PRAY FOR IT, ADORE IT AND RECIPROCATE with everything you’ve got.
Don’t choose to be lonely because of people that don’t really care for you.
Nothing but love from here Always.”

Read comments from netizens below:

queenmaynation said: “The audacity to talk about finding love after 5 children for numerous men. Olosho amu robber”

adadoby said: “Someone said on top of stolen mandate 😂😂”

adaobipaschal said: “Principalities and Powers don drop quote”

janeluxuryshop_ said: “Falling in love with someone’s husband is what you call true love. Mtcheww People like this are the most dangerous people to have around you, especially as friends. They are very selfish and self-centered. To them, the world is about their happiness. If they desire and want something, they must have it. They do not care who dies and destroyed in the process.”

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