Janemena reacts to Reno Omokri’s statement on only virgins deserving full bride price

Popular Instagram dancer, Janemena has reacted to the recent post made by the renowned activist, Reno Omokri.

Janemena Reno Omokri Virgin The former presidential aide in one of his posts, strongly held that only virgins are qualified for their bride price to be paid in full.

This submission made by Reno Omokri however stirred brouhahas on social media due to how blatant netizens pictured it to be.

Among those who reacted is Janemena who reposted the news on her IG story with a brief write-up that reads:

“Chaiii, TahnkĀ  God somebody’s son haff paid mine in full. Sorry to the rest of you. I wish your virginity well”

See post below:Janemena Reno Omokri Virgin

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