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Iyabo Ojo deletes all IG posts after calling out colleagues for snitching on one another

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo who earlier called our colleagues for dishing out information to bloggers, has deleted all her IG posts.

However, she saved just three posts which are those of her kids and one advert she is running for a product.

On Tuesday, The actress took to social media to speak against the act which she says only profits bloggers.

According to the mother of two, individuals should stop hating and should start living – the actress claims that there’s so much information that’s being leaked online and as such, bloggers feed on them which then creates hurt.

Iyabo Ojo wrote in the post that has now been deleted:

“What exactly is going on peeps? Why are we bent on destroying ourselves? Bloggers are feeding on people’s lives like there’s no tomorrow. Information coming out from colleagues to the ears of bloggers, sending anonymous dms just to tarnish people’s image….. I have walked in that shoe and I know how badly it hurts…. karma is a bitter truth…. live and lets live.
Yorubas will say “BI OJU BA NSE IPIN, OJU NI A FI N HAN…. easy peeps, easy!!!”

From all indications, Iyabo Ojo could be reacting to some articles written about her in a popular blog on Instagram which dishes out information on many actors and their scandals. Already the blog is threatening to reveal some secrets on an alleged relationship with a man living in Abuja.

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