“I’ve kept myself for my future husband for over 30 years – 37-year-old virgin woman cries out for love

A 37-year-old Nigerian woman has opened up about her struggles with finding love and getting married, expressing her weariness after living a disciplined life and remaining a virgin.

The woman who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that despite her commitment to leading a virtuous life, she has yet to meet “Mr. Right” and is growing increasingly tired of waiting.

In her candid message, she disclosed her desire to settle down and expressed a willingness to marry any man who comes her way due to the mounting societal pressure.

The woman, who disclosed her situation through the anonymous messaging app NGL, shared her sentiments, revealing that she is still a virgin and has patiently been awaiting the arrival of ‘Mr Right.’

In her words;

I’m a 37 year old single lady, never been married, never had sxx not to talk of getting pregnant. I’m tired of waiting for the “right man”.

“I want to get married to anyone coming cos the pressure is getting wesser. My daily thoughts are: Would I ever find true love? Would I ever get married?”

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