“I’ve been trying my best to provide for her” – Man begs for donations of shoes and clothes for orphan girl

A Nigerian man, Yiga Micheal, has reached out for help in meeting the needs of an orphan girl named Justina, whom he is currently caring for.

Micheal, who shared poignant pictures with Justina on social media, revealed that the 14-year-old is presently with a relative in Makoko, Lagos, where she is learning tailoring.

Expressing his concern for Justina’s well-being, Micheal disclosed that he has been actively involved in providing for her and several other children.

 'I've been trying my best to provide for her" - Man begs for donations of shoes and clothes for orphan girl

He made a heartfelt appeal to the public, specifically seeking assistance with clothing and shoes suitable for the young girl.

According to Micheal, Justina’s education was unfortunately cut short at the primary school level.

He explained that the government school in her area was located far from her residence, and the nearby private school, while more accessible, proved to be financially burdensome.

As a result, Justina was unable to continue her education beyond the primary level.

The man said;

“The govt school is far from her place and she’ll spend at least 700 daily, while the private sec school is close, but the school fees price is on the high side. Therefore, we are looking to place her in a secondary school that will be close to home, as she’s staying with her last relationship and is currently learning tailoring.”

In addition to the educational challenges, Micheal also appealed to the public for donations of clothes and shoes suitable for a 14-year-old girl.

Micheal ended his request by introducing Justina on social media, stressing the sad fact that she lost both her parents.

“Everyone, meet Justina, Age 14. She lost both parents, and I have been trying my best to fend for her and also for the other kids as well. Please, if you have really cool clothes and shoes that you can give out to her, please reach out,” he added.

Netizens Reactions…

@MohammedAH57323 said; “Seeing what this man is doing make me feel human again, and believe that humanity will always win. Keep doing your good job man.

@Emson__Manuel said; “Sometimes I wonder: “Where are the feminists that say they liberating women? “They only care about things that don’t go their way. 

“Still MEN out there tryna better the world.

@Ezeks_victor said; “God bless you and reward you for this humane work you’re doing. “I never knew you have this humane touch, even as you were ruthless with “Sanusi Ekwensu” lately. “Once again thanks & kudos to you.”

@Tracyjewel_ said; “Thank you for sharing her story Michael, and all you do. “I have a bunch of clothes she can wear, plus shoes and sneakers that should be her size. “I’ll bring them in the new year, alongside a new set of empty bottles.” 

@_ekenonymous said; “Oh hey Micheal. I have a ton of clothes I’ve been needing to give out, but it would be in January. Is that okay?” 

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