Entertainment News “It won’t be compulsory for my wife to bear my surname” –...

“It won’t be compulsory for my wife to bear my surname” – Leo Dasilva


Nigerian reality TV star, Leo Dasilva has said it won’t be compulsory for his wife to bear his surname if she wishes to retain hers.Leo Dasilva on surname

According to him, his wife must not necessarily answer “Mrs. Dasilva”. He however noted that his kids will bear his family name.

He tweeted: “It won’t be compulsory for my wife to be Mrs Dasilva, she can call herself whatever she wants. The kids will carry the family name #LeoTalk.”

His submission has caused mixed reactions on social media as many have taken to his comment section to share diverse opinions about the subject matter.

@DeKhunke wrote: “My wife will take my surname ,my kids will take my surname anybody wey e pain fit buy otapiapia and mix it with milk before drinking.”

@UrchMana wrote: “Twitter is different from reality… People will keep tweeting what they think appeals to the public and when they close the app, reality sets in and it is totally different from the appealing tweets they like, retweet and comment on. Know this and know peace”

@Sister_Hyldaah wrote: “I would love to keep my father’s name cos the man doesn’t have any male child, if he dies now, his name is gone with him. I am keeping his namely legacy, my sisters can do whatever they like. As his first daughter, I owe him that.”


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