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“It Is Wrong For An African Man To Kneel And Propose To His Woman” – Veteran Actor Kanayo


Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has joined fellow actor, Pete Edochie to insist that it is wrong for a man to kneel while proposing to a woman.

According to a report by Pulse Nigeria, he said he stands with Pete’s notion that it is not right for an African man to kneel and propose to a woman.

Kanayo said:

“I’m an African and I stand with Pete Edochie on what he said. It is un-African today to kneel down to propose to a woman. I’m an African to that level. Like we always preach it is not all you see on TV that you copy.

It is an Instagram lifestyle. It doesn’t stop you from living it. Live it the way you want. We are not also saying you must live with us in our stone age.

Because when we talk about this, some people who think they are more intelligent than us tell us we are coming from the stone age. Don’t worry, live your technology age but it is not part of our culture.”


  1. Mr kanayo.O.kanayo u guys have gotten married and had children and u want to ruin future generations with your comments;explain one reason why it is wrong for the guy to kneel and propose? proposal now isn’t how it used to be in your time.A guy meets the parents of the girl he likes to ask for her hand{in the yoruba culture where the groom is asked to lie flat,what do u have to say abt it?).You may have a certain understanding of your statement but remember not every man will have that same understanding,the other day a relationship lost its value because the guy did not kneel to propose.If u feel smetin should be a certain way,dont voice it to just anyone but those who hv the knowledge u have.The elders should be paving way for the younger ones but not this type,youths are jobless the elders should be working with the government to ensure the youths become established in the country’s decision making.These are topics we should be handling,the problem with this country’s backwardness is because we focus on irrelevant things. please let us be guided,it is not every advice that is applicable,let wisdom guide you,i enjoy your movies tho


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