Israel DMW and wife, Sheila, unfollow each other on Instagram a year after marriage

Approximately a year after their lavish wedding in Benin, Edo State, Israel Afeare, widely known as Israel DMW, and his wife Sheila have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Israel DMW, the 42-year-old social media sensation, who has been a long-time aide to Davido and is associated with the singer’s 30 Billion Gang, has been facing rumors of marital discord for several months.

Israel DMW wife Sheila, unfollow Instagram marriage
Israel DMW.

Some unverified sources have suggested that their marriage has been facing difficulties.

One such source, gistlover, made claims regarding their relationship: “This is what happened: According to information we’ve received, Sheila was in a relationship with someone before her father introduced her to Israel at a bar where Israel hosted an event.”

“Money quickly became a factor, and her father struck up a friendship with Israel. Eventually, her father revealed that he had a beautiful, virgin daughter. To cut a long story short, they arranged a meeting, and due to financial incentives, Israel agreed to marry Sheila.”

“Things escalated rapidly, and before we knew it, they had set a wedding date. The wedding became the talk of the town, even attracting celebrities like Davido. However, just a few months into the marriage, issues began to arise.”

“Sheila would want to go to the market, and Israel wouldn’t allow her to use the car sometimes. If she went out and returned, Israel would check her undergarments to see if she had been unfaithful. Israel didn’t provide her with much financial support, and she resorted to influencer gigs to make ends meet.”

There were even public disputes. At times, Sheila would leave the house for days without returning. Despite the short duration of the marriage, she endured a lot of hardship. Her father, who had pushed her into the marriage, couldn’t help her.”

“Sheila left the house twice but later returned. Recently, after a fight on Israel’s last birthday, she decided she’d had enough and moved out, asking her parents to return the bride price. Although there was a signed agreement not to discuss their issues online, the matter has escalated.”

“Some unconfirmed sources suggest that Sheila might have left Israel’s house while pregnant, but this is not certain. Both families are now trying to mediate in the hope that she might return. Please note that this information is unverified, and we are open to corrections.”

These reports and the subsequent act of unfollowing each other on Instagram have only added to the speculation surrounding the state of their marriage.