Isbae U called out for allegedly demanding to sleep with ladies as a condition to feature them in his skits

Instagram comedian, Adebayo Ridwan, better known as Isbae U or Bae U has been accused of demanding to sleep with ladies in exchange for roles in his skits.

Bae u sleep ladies skits

This allegation was strengthened by a chat which showed how Bae U requested that a lady come over to spend the night at his place and then film the next day.

After the lady expressed resentment over the offer, he suddenly began to act cold.

It was alleged that Bae U also sends photos of his privates to ladies and would deny any lady the opportunity to feature in his skit if she turns down his request for intimacy.

This allegation has subsequently caused the content creator to trend on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

However, Bae U is yet to respond to the allegation.

See screenshots below:

Bae u sleep ladies skits Bae u sleep ladies skits

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