“Is this mechanic or dry cleaner” — Lady downcast as engineer washes her generator with soap, water

Nigerian lady left perplexed after the new mechanic she contracted to fix her generator washed it with water and soap.

The lady posted the video on her Tiktok page, @97thartistry, where she shared her predicament.

According to her, she reached out to a new mechanic to check her generator but his methods left her shocked.

In the video, he could be seen seriously washing the generator with soap after which he rinsed it off with water.

“Is this a mechanic or dry cleaner” — Lady downcast as engineer washed her generator with soap and water

The lady who has never seen that method shared the video with her followers, asking if it was a normal procedure.

Here are some responses to the video

@Aaliyah🥺💜 reacted: “Make he rub am skincare too o😹😹😹”

@Winny🦋🍁 advised: “Just get a new Gen😂”

@zaharam opined: “Him Dey help you wash am naa maybe e don too dirty 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

@Ola Billz asked: “Abi u wan use ur mechanic blow? Abeg no b u sit down dere dey do vid?? We Jst like to dey mumu ourselves 4 dis country 😂😂😂😂 Abi u wan tell me say Unno fit tell am make he no wash am as Unno dey satisfied??? OKKKKAAAAAAAYYYYYY 👍”

@dr_panshaq stated: “He’s good, soap is used to wash off oil from generator body as long as it doesn’t get into the coil … or u prefer he uses ur fuel to wash it??”

@ble_ssing_sunday inquired: “Is this a mechanic or a dry cleaner?”

Watch the video here


Abeg is this even normal? 🥹 my life is not sweet like cinnamon o #fyp

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