“Is the baby really mine?” – Lady in labour fumes as baby daddy throws in DNA test

An American lady who is in the labour room lambasts her baby daddy following the suggestion of doing a DNA test for their unborn child.

A TikTok user identified as @xjustkira took to the platform to share an awkward session with her baby daddy who doubted the paternity of their unborn child.

"Is the baby really mine?" - Lady in labour loses cool following quiz from baby daddy

According to Kira who was in the labour room, the question came insensitive from him considering the state of fighting for her life.

She could be heard urging the baby daddy to opt out of their life he wants to other than doubting the paternity of their child that is yet to be born.

Kira vowed never to allow a DNA test following the man’s demand while insisting on looking after the baby in case he chose to leave.

Reactions as baby daddy suggests DNA test while lady was in labour room

YellahMajic noted: “He not wrong for asking but definitely ain’t the time to be asking.”

Kelhani Mia stated: “Put him out , give him the dna test and put him on child support!”

Sharice penned: ““You don’t never wanna claim your kids” ma’am whaaat???”

Victoria Oshun Fudge said: “He needs to get out the room so you and the baby can make it.”

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