“Is it love or madness?” – Understanding girlfriend serves couple goals, thoroughly brushes her boyfriend’s teeth

A Nigerian lady was seen performing the role of a girlfriend as she took care of her boyfriend by thoroughly brushing his teeth in what looks like a bathroom.

The young man in the video, presumed to be the boyfriend, appeared very calm and concerned as a lady stood before him, holding the brush to clean his teeth and mouth.

Understanding girlfriend couple goals brushes boyfriend's teeth
Girlfriend, washes boyfriend’s teeth.

The couple, who showcased their relationship goals in the video, attracted attention on TikTok, with concerned individuals immediately rushing to the comment section to share their views on the girlfriend’s actions.

See some reactions below:

Horpzy moore: “‎Love or madness? Dem dis one don craze jhooor”

Jisola48: “‎Many things dey happen for this relationship o”

PLAY BOi: “‎Omo na love be this way the girl keep face like the boy mother.”

Lorrainedawn77: “‎He don smoke too much.”

OG BOSS111: “that one no be love. the guy no Sabi brush well.”

pIUSHELINA112: “‎Goddduuu abeg nah where this love dey show me way.”



This is love😫❤️ #fypシ

♬ Marvel get me – marvel🦹🏽‍♂️

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