“Is it legal for a Police vehicle to follow ‘one way'” – Zicsaloma queries after spotting a police vehicle driving against traffic

Nigerian skit maker, Aloma Issac Junior, better known as Zicsaloma seeks clarity after spotting a Police vehicle driving against traffic.

Zicsaloma, who recently gifted his mother a new house, took to his Instagram story to inquire if it is legal for a police vehicle to break traffic rules in Nigeria.


The skit maker explained how the police officers were not in a rush and chose to go in one way even though the other lane was free.

He added that he nearly collided with them and that, in the event that the situation had been reversed, they would have seized his car in accordance with Lagos State’s “one way law.”

Zicsaloma wrote: “I want to know, is it legal for a Police vehicle to follow ‘one way’ cos these guys were clearly not in a hurry; the other lane was even free. I just need clarification cos I almost collided with them and if the reverse was the case, they would be talking of impounding my car according to lagos ‘one way law’.”


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