Iron Maiden now have their own Monopoly game

Iron Maiden are one of the most iconic and legendary heavy metal bands of all time. They’re one of the most respected in the genre, having formed in 1975 and been active ever since.

When a band achieves legendary status, they will often see their influence spread beyond the music industry, which is the case with Iron Maiden, who now have their own signature version of the classic board game Monopoly.

Now, this isn’t just a version of Monopoly with the Iron Maiden name slapped across it. Instead, it’s a full signature version, and it’s been customised to represent the band in all the heavy metal glory.

The game is called Monopoly: Iron Maiden Somewhere On Tour, and the concept is that players head out on the road with the band as they tour.

So, as you will expect, there are elements of the traditional Monopoly that have been rebranded to fit, such as houses and hotels becoming arenas and stadiums and utility spaces replaced by beer and merch stands.

Iron Maiden announced the game’s launch via their social media platforms; it read: “North America! You can now get your hands on the new Monopoly: Iron Maiden Somewhere on Tour!

Experience the highs and lows of touring life with an epic Maiden-ised board, player tokens and cards. All the fun of being on the road, with none of the jetlag.” It’s something that the band feel will be a huge success, especially within their global fanbase, who are always eager to support and to get their Iron Maiden fix.

Over the years, it’s not just board game versions of Monopoly that have been a hit, as Monopoly-inspired slots have already been a massive success with all the leading casinos online. And iconic bands and musicians have also seen branded video slots based on them released; they include Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead. It’s just another example of how a band has a reach beyond their music. But it’s only usually the case when they reach legendary status, which Iron Maiden certainly have during nearly half a century of being active in the music industry.

As mentioned above, there are many differences between the standard version of Monopoly and Monopoly: Iron Maiden Somewhere On Tour. They are as follows:

  • Properties have been renamed after all albums – studio, live, compilation – released by Iron Maiden, and they’re displayed around the board in chronological order.
  • Houses have become arenas.
  • Hotels are now stadiums.
  • Utility spaces such as electricity and water are now merch and beer stands.
  • Railway stations have been replaced by Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One jet.
  • General taxes and fees are now recording fees and the fees to land Ed Force One.
  • Standard tokens such as the dog and car are now an amplifier cabinet, Nicko McBrain’s drumkit, Steve Harris’ bass, Bruce Dickinson’s pilot helmet and other band-related items.
  • Community and Chance have been replaced by Feeling Lucky? and Open The Box cards.
  • The money is now Eddie Bucks, which is no surprise.

So, Monopoly fans who also love Iron Maiden are going to be in their element playing this game which is available to buy now. And, even if someone isn’t a huge Iron Maiden fan, it could offer a change of pace from the standard version of Monopoly, with all the changes and rebranding that has been made.