International student buys brand-new Porsche car worth $223k online during class lecture

An unnamed international student caught the attention of many social media users as he was seen using his laptop and mobile phone to purchase a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera S worth about $223,450 during his class lecture.

In the said class, the lecturer could be heard talking while the international student sat in his chair, using his laptop with the aid of his phone to make the purchase.

A closer look at his laptop screen shows that he indeed purchased a Porsche 911 Carrera S.

The video clip also captures the moment he tracked the expensive car.

Not long after the video made its way to the internet, social media users stormed the comment section of the post, sharing their similar experiences with international students.

See some reactions below: 

Mariam:How much are the chrome hearts rings worth ? 😭 First time hearing about this brand name.”

JET: “My college room mate casually ordered $100k worth of bags and clothes on the Chanel website one morning when she was “stressed” out with studying.”

•: “I let an international student take me on a date and he spent like $2k between our dinner and movie I don’t even understand how he managed to spend.”

Chelsey Bastos:I work at a bank and deal with A LOT of international students and they have so much money.”

RC: “I don’t think they bought it, but they’re checking it the status for delivery. Either way, a flex.”

shimattanao: “Saw this all the time in college back in late 2000s. They would call Dad back home and 15 mins they would get a 📞 to pick up their new car.”

Pearl accord: “one time I saw the international student in class put down 50k on a fanduel bet.”

🥀𝔒𝔫𝔶𝔵𝔦𝔞⛓: “in my university the international students always came to class decked out in designer labels, while the rest of us looked like homeless people.”

yuffytaffy: “I aspire to be that international kid in a Burberry coat sipping on boba casually ordering a Porsche in an 8am ECN class.”

ArvinJay: “My old roommate was a rich international student his parents pays for his Uber eats so he always buy double for me 🥺 best roommate ever!!!”



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